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We're a bunch of people who get what it's like to feel overwhelmed by global crisis after global crisis. Many of us care about people and the planet, but don't know where or how to start taking action.
Humans For Good is all about making it easier to make a difference.
We're co-creating a space to find the support, opportunities and information needed to leave the world better than how we found it.
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Our new co-operative marketplace is created by good humans, for good humans.
Find free and discounted products, services and experiences that help us all to have a bigger and better impact. Contribute your offer to the community here.

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Meet a few of the 700+ legends who make up our community.
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good food, good stories, good humans

Humans For Good potluck dinners are opportunities to connect with likeminded humans in the way we have for thousands of years: over a home-cooked meal. They're here to provide a casual, inclusive and cosy space to explore different global issues and their solutions.
Whether you bring a meal, share your story, or help us keep things running smoothly, everyone contributes something toward making the night memorable and impactful. 
We run potlucks every few months in Sydney, Australia, but have a virtual option for anyone who lives elsewhere. Join us as an attendee below, or reach out to express your interest in becoming a volunteer, a partner, or a co-host (bring Humans For Good potlucks to your city).

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We're different, but we share a desire to have a positive impact at home, at work, and in our communities.
Join our free Slack community and quarterly potluck dinners to find opportunities, events, jobs, resources, and people that are taking action toward a wide range of causes.

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    a few testimonials

    "I’m so grateful to have come across the Humans for Good community. As someone who is part of several online communities, I can truly say that HFG is the most engaged, ambitious & supportive. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that small but significant steps are being made everyday for people & the planet because of this community."
    – Lyndal Hamwood, The Dream Collective
    "People are so engaged I love it!! Such a great community! It's so good! Absolutely loving it, the team, the purpose, everything!! All I wanted."
    – Maddi Ingham, Verve Super
    "At the Humans For Good potluck, the food was awesome. Talks were inspiring. Venue was epic. I caught up with someone I met years ago! Which was cool. Made some new connections. I feel like I made some friends that I'm eager to see again."
    – Connor Forsyth, Designit
    "Humans For Good is the best place to find everyday tangible & planet positive actions you can take to leave the world better than you found it. So excited to see this community grow and thrive!”
    – Steph Pearson, Ripple